Redefining waste-to-energy

BIO2CHP enables the use of raw residual biomass for on-site & small-scale energy production. What is now treated as waste is thus transformed into a valuable commodity decreasing both energy & waste disposal costs, improving profitability & the overall environmental impact.

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Utilizing innovative methods & techniques developed through thorough research in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, BIO2CHP bypasses the up-to-date technical limitations & allows the use of raw residual biomass for the small-scale & on-site energy production.

Small-Scale Ideal for SMEs
& remote facilities

Depending on the residues' type, BIO2CHP technology becomes financially viable for as low as 100 tons of residues per year.

Low Pre-Treatment Designed to operate
with raw residual biomass

Main pre-treatment tasks - drying and sampling - are performed automatically as part of the feeding system.

Turn-key Solution Minimum installation
& operating expenses

The complete systems are included inside standard containers, while the operation is fully controlled & monitored through a cloud-based software.

Our technology

"BIO2CHP has developed an innovative highly efficient & fuel flexible small-scale waste-to-energy technology, consisting of a compact bubbling fluidized bed gasifier coupled with an innovative high efficiency hot gas filtration system, & a durable gas engine-based combined heat & power generator. The previous are brought together through an automated & smart control system, allowing the technology’s continuous & automated operation using residual biomass feedstock, enabling decentralized small-scale applications in the place of feedstock origin & production, minimizing transportation & logistics costs."

Stefanos Tsiakmakis, BIO2CHP Co-founder
The Value Proposition

Fuel Flexibility for Small-Scale Applications

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